Monday, June 27, 2011

Tony - Step by Step Painting on Canvas

For some unknown reason I decided to do this painting as a step-by-step. This is my first attempt at putting together a painting tutorial, so go easy on me! I do not claim to be a professional painter, but I thought someone might be interested in seeing the process. I'm sure there are much better ways to approach this, but this is how I did this painting. It's a painting I did for my son Tony to hang in his room. Here we go... how I created Tony's Halo/graffiti canvas painting.

1. The blank canvas: 18x24 from

2. I draw in my guides for my letters using a red col-erase pencil. I like using the col-erase because they don't smear as much as a regular pencil, but can still be erased.

3. Next I choose the lettering style I want to use. I try to pick something that goes along with the person's personality. I draw the letters in using the red col-erase pencil. Since this is a graffiti style piece, I want my letters to overlap.

4. The next thing I do is add some details to my letters to make them more interesting.
5. I use a black Decocolor paint marker (fine line) to start going over my pencil lines. I like using the paint markers because it is quicker than using a paint brush.
6. I used a paint brush and black airbrush paint to start filling in the letters. I want a blended look to the inside, which I can not achieve using a paint maker, so I used regular paint and a brush for this step. The paint I used was airbrush paint, just because I have a ton of it left from back in my airbrushing days.

I'm still in the process of completing the painting, but this is what I have so far. I have to finish the inside of the letters and then fill in the background. Tony loves Halo, so I guess the background will somehow be a Halo theme.


Eclectic Works said...

Thanks for the tutorial! What you have done so far is SO cool!! Can't wait to see the finished piece!! :)

Betty said...

Thank you for sharing! So cool!

Cindy D said...

Yay! Progression-type blog posts are my favorite. I love how you included the canvas still in its wrapping. The piece is looking really nice. I can imagine it both in shades of gray or lots of bright colors.