Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diva Challenge #23: String Theory

I am the diva weekly Zentangle challenge for this week was called "String Theory". A string was provided and we just needed to fill it in with our tangles. This was what I came up with. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dream - Faces (#6)

This drawing was one of my earlier pieces (drawn back in March). Inspired by an image I found on Google. At this point I was really just exploring colors and how the background interacts with the word. The Dream series is being done to go along with a unit on graffiti art I'm doing with my 8th grade students. I decided I should do the unit right along with them. I am amazed by how inspired they are to do these projects.

Diva Challenge #22

Weekly Zentangle challenge from I am the Diva - "A Little Help From My Friends". My son did the string for me, then I filled in the rest. I didn't plan on making this one a Dream drawing, but I love doing those so much, that is what it turned into.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Diva Challenge #21... OOF

A couple of weekends ago I found this really cool site called I am the diva. The site owner posts weekly Zentangle challenges. Just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing again. I did this one for last week's challenge, but then the blogger went down and I couldn't post it before the deadline. I thought I would post it to the blog anyway.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dream Wildstyle

My latest attempt at graffiti style art. This one was done on smooth bristol paper with markers. This was my first attempt at wildstyle; still pretty simple but I am really learning a lot while doing these. Finally got a new scanner, so I'll be posting more photos soon. I have several finished pieces I need to scan.