Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tim Curry Caricature

I found a little time to do some drawing a couple of weeks ago. I just now found time to upload them. School is just about over! I hope to do lots of drawing and painting this summer. This one was done with a Bic pen in my sketchbook. I'm not entirely happy with it, but I can see some progress in my work.


r.e.wolf said...

Excellent: unmistakably Tim!

Elizabeth said...

I love your blog.
It's really interesting

Red Phoenix said...

So, I'm going to link you on my Blog since yours is pretty awesome.

Sandy said...

Nice job! Amazing what one can do with a Bic pen. Hope you have time with school ending, to show lots more art.

thanks for your visit by the way.


Travelling Goddess said...


And thank you so much for coming over and admiring the bird poop on my front door behind the wreath...LOLOL

You art is WONDERFUL!!! and I shall come back and visit....I take my coffee with Splenda and a little half and half....but, tea is fine tooo.