Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Graffiti Art

My second attempt at graffiti art. Originally started this for a middle school art project... I am now obsessed with creating "Word Art". I am sticking with the word DREAM because that is what I want my middle school students to do. I have realized it to be my own path of creative discovery. I did this one with only pencil... big mistake! I like using brush pens and markers much more. Ended up being kind of a disco theme, although that was not my intention.

This next one was my 3rd attempt for this series. I wanted to get the Hollywood sign look mixed with graffiti. I don't care too much for it, except for the palm tree. Live and learn... each drawing is a step in a new direction. Also, this was my first attempt using markers.

My fourth attempt at graffiti art. Inspired by Tim Burton (I guess you could call this fan art). I was pretty happy with the finished product at the time, but feel I have surpassed that now, which is exciting for me because it has been less than a month.

This is my fifth attempt and the first one I felt really happy with. I like everything about this one. The colors work, my lettering is getting better, and I'm getting more comfortable using markers.

I have done several more since this one (some good, some not). Will be posting those just as soon as I get the scanner hooked up and working on the new computer.

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