Monday, October 24, 2011

Graffiti Challenge (older drawings)

 Here's the next batch of graffiti drawings. I just finished number 40 last night, but I would still like to post all of my older ones, just to see the progression of skills and styles. I didn't feel like I had progressed much until looking at these older ones in the order I created them.

#18 - Drawn at Tecumseh during my son's lacrosse game

#17 - just some random design

#16 - Drawn while at our camper in Oak Harbor, Ohio - playing around with characters and themes.
#15 - I love drawing eyes... still just playing around with colors and the background.

#14 - wanted it to look like lightning in the background. I used a masking gel to make the lightning white.

#13 - playing around with the colors

#12 - Mondrian Inspired

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