Monday, January 30, 2012

Imperfection Zentangle Journal Page

This challenge was posted over at Zentangles and Stuff and I thought it looked like fun. It was very simple to do, yet very much a challenge for me. The challenge was to free-hand draw a tic-tac-toe board in a journal page. Then, fill in 4 of the squares with writings and the rest of the squares with tangles. The challenging part for me was to journal about how imperfection has enhanced my life or art. I don't like imperfection, in my life or in my art. This is something I struggle with every day. When I work on my art I am usually very tense because I am always worried about making a mistake. The great thing about doing Zentangles is that you can relax and not worry so much about mistakes. When I did the writing sections I wrote more about not liking imperfections and less about how they have enhanced my life or art. I still really enjoyed doing this page and like the idea of using the grid for my page.

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ptrish40 said...

Your journal page came out im - perfect!!! LOL!!! I like the tangles you chose - well done!!!