Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Graffiti Challenge #62

Last year I came across a documentary on graffiti while looking for something to watch on Netflix. At that time I was struggling with making a connection with my middle school students during their time in the art room. I watched the documentary, and to my surprise, became inspired by the colors and lines. I started working on my own graffiti style drawings and turned what I had learned into an art lesson for my middle school students. I have continued working on my graffiti skills (only on paper) and have learned so much with this process. At the end of last year I decided to challenge myself to do 200 graffiti drawings. The purpose of doing this is to demonstrate to students how much of a difference practice makes. This year I started doing an art battle with my students where I post a different word every couple of weeks and they draw that word. I also do a drawing of the word and give it to the winner of the battle as part of their prize. They also get to pick out some art supplies like sharpie markers, mechanical pencils, click erasers, etc. For this drawing I used Prismacolor and Touch markers. I prefer the touch markers at this point.

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