Thursday, December 6, 2007

EDM Challenge #37 - Keys

I have been reading a lot about Moleskine sketch books and I wanted to try one. I could not find one locally so I had to order it online. I ended up getting two of them. One had plain pages and the other had a grid on it. Lately I have been thinking about doing some grid drawings and when I read the description, I thought of the pages having about 4 larger grids on them. I should have read it better I guess. I did not let this discourage me so I just used the gridded paper to draw my own grids. For the Every Day Matters #37 - Draw some keys. I did this last night while sitting in my car, waiting to pick my boys up. I sort of like the broken grid look to it but I think I might go in and add some color to the background. Done with a bic pen. For anyone who does not know about Everyday Matters, there is a link to the site in the inspiration section of my blog. Visit it today.

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