Friday, January 18, 2008

2 New ATCs - Fit 2008 Art Goals

I have made some goals for 2008. This includes, but not limited to: journaling more, using pen to draw more, posting to my blog each week, studying the works of great artists, and just drawing more in general, among some other things not listed here. Last night I made a couple of new artist trading cards while trying out some new techniques for me as well. This first one is a drawing of my rollball mouse I have on my laptop. I used a pitt pen for the drawing (which I did on a page from a book) and used marker to color it... several new things for me. I would love to get a printed book to journal in, but I have not yet found one suited for this project.

This next one goes along with another goal of mine, to study various artists who's work I am inspired by. I call this card "Dance; ala Keith Haring". I do my student teaching next fall and I need to start thinking about lesson plans. I figure learning about some artists is the best place to start. This one was done in marker on paper cut from security envelopes.


Linda said...

Neat -- I really like the Dancers especially! The security envelope paper makes an interesting background.

Sue said...

These are cool - what a great idea drawing on things other than blank paper. I'm inspired to make a sketch book out of security envelope parts. Great way to recycle.

I got behind in my EDM group readings and only just read about the A2Z challenge here in your blog - I'm inspired!

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

I was wondering why you liked the Haring spot on my blog! Keith was a true genius. My one regret is NOT speaking to him when i think I saw him so many years ago on 68 st and lexington ave in the Hunter College Station. I was mopre concerned about being late for class than I was about learning from the REAL teacher!